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‘Bodies for Change’ is a multimedia project that explores an alternative approach to social change; one that places a focus on bodies rather than minds, through the methods of movement and performance.

The project presents the perspectives of artists Camille Barton and Xavier de Sousa, who reflect on the potentialities of their work to achieve social change.








Social change through performanceFeaturing Xavier
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All the directors are students of MA Media Practice for Development and Social Change at the University of Sussex. 


Victoria Alessandrini: 

An audiovisual designer, illustrator, experimental animator, activist, born between mountains in Patagonia, Argentina.Victoria lives in the UK and describes herself as a Latina migrante feminista. She collaborates with Latinamerican women's rights NGO's and youth organisations in schools. Her studies are in Media for Development and Social Change at the University of Sussex. Her personal projects explore expression through the creative arts and the intersection between identity, human rights, gender, feminism and migration

Julia Dotras Garcia: 

Julia is a Catalan communications professional who is passionate about researching effective ways to contribute to people’s health and wellbeing through experimental and visual approaches. Her interest lies in critically exploring the role of media in the development and social change sector from a feminist and decolonial perspective, placing a focus on sexual health, sexuality and pleasure, gender, education and participatory visual methods. Her experience involves communications and videography work in digital campaigns and educational projects for non-profit organisations. Julia loves feeling the air of fresh snow in the mountains, getting involved in community work and the challenge of practising new yoga asanas. 

Tomoko Ushiro: 

Born in Tokyo, Tomoko has always had a passion for visual arts as well as creating positive social changes. With a BA degree in Global Studies, she mainly focused on gaining knowledge about International Development, while she also studied Documentary Filmmaking in the UK. Before coming back to education as a postgraduate student, she worked for international development institutions and NGOs as a communication officer both in Japan and Rwanda, where she raised awareness of humanitarian crises across the globe through multimedia. After spending a year off travelling around the world and engaging in permaculture/sustainable living projects, now she is eager to promote mental well-being and minimalist lifestyle through documentary filmmaking.